Skills Needed In Operating Heavy Construction Equipment

Construction entails off-site and on-site jobs. With the latter, there’s a lot of heavy work involved from manual labor to operating heavy equipment the likes of which include cranes, earthmovers and cement mixers among others. Operation is unlike ordinary vehicles which is why special skills are needed when using such equipment.


Backhoes are diggers that excavate earth using an articulated arm at the end of which sits a bucket-like component. Using hydraulics, the arm is able to dig up large amounts of earth rapidly to make way for trenches, cable lines, water lines and other components that need to be laid underground.


Forklifts are usually employed in warehouses but can also be seen on construction sites. Since they bear huge weights, untrained hands can cause disasters that may prove to be fatal. As such, training is required.


A crane is a heavy equipment vehicle with a very long boom on which is attached wire ropes, hoists and sheaves.
Unlike forklifts, cranes have a very long reach and can lift and transport heavier materials.


Graders are equipped with a long blade to build flat surfaces like dirt and gravel roads. Some countries use them for snow removal. Like other heavy equipment, graders need skilled people to operate them as they function differently from ordinary vehicles.