The Benefits Of Registering With An Established Construction Recruitment Agency

If you already have experience in drywalling, plastering, painting, laying tile, carpeting, installing vinyl floors, carpentry, or other important parts of the building trade, you should register with some construction employment agencies.

Benefits of registering with established construction recruitment agencies include the ability to use the agency as a reference for future jobs in construction. This is particularly helpful when the actual employer (who contracted with the agency for your services) is transient in nature or otherwise difficult to locate when you need a reference.

Other benefits of registering with an agency are that they can easily find you construction jobs, they are the ones responsible for paying you (and generally they have vetted the employer relative to his credit worthiness before accepting him as a client), and they are the ones responsible for filing all the forms to keep you legal with state and federal regulations.

They may even cover you with workmens’ compensation insurance policies so that if you get injured on the job, your injuries can be treated and you may receive compensation for lost time. If you remain registered with them for a long enough period of time, or work enough hours under their umbrella, you may even become eligible for benefits through them.