What Are Construction Employment Agencies?

What are construction employment agencies? They are employment agencies that have chosen to specialize in finding employees for clients in construction-related industries.

There are benefits of this specialization for both clients and employees.

The most often quoted reasons for using construction employment agencies from a client’s point of view are the decreased costs and decreased paperwork.

The hourly cost of using the services of the construction employment agencies may be equal to the hourly cost of hiring an employee.

The cost benefits of using a construction employment agency comes into play when you consider that most builders are not accountants or human resources employees.

So on top of paying the hourly wage of the employee, you are paying the hourly wages of the people who hire the employees, make sure all the paperwork is done when hiring (W-4s, I9s), prepare the paychecks, sign the paychecks, file the reports on any taxes and other withholdings, and pay the taxes and withholdings to the taxing authorities. Somebody also has to fire the employees that just don’t have the skills to do the work.

All of these duties are covered by the construction employment agencies when you go that route. They hire, fire, write and sign paychecks, file reports, and pay taxes and withholdings. All the client has to do is continue doing the work he does best: BUILDING!

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