Types Of Construction Companies

Construction companies employ hundreds of thousands of people, providing a lot of opportunities in the way of career building. Recessions and slow growth may hit the industry from time to time but once the tide has passed, it flourishes again, thanks to the need for infrastructural components.

Construction companies are classified based on the type of work they engage in, whether large- or small-scale projects and whether they work on their own. Take a look.

General contractors

General contractors are employed by clients, usually architects, to oversee a construction site and manage trade with vendors. They usually work with companies and landowners. They evaluate plans, draw up estimates and manage the execution of projects.

Construction managers

Construction managers work in almost the same capacity of a general contractor. They oversee a project from start to finish by planning, coordinating, budgeting and supervising work. They also work in a mediating capacity by developing communication mechanisms to resolve conflicts.


Design-builders not only oversee construction but also design and engineer structural components. They work alone by combining the design and construction phase of a project, the opposite of the design-bid-build process.

Trade contractors

Trade contractors are sub-contractors who specialize in a field of work like plumbing, painting, masonry and electrical work. They work for prime contractors and property owners.

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