The Different Types Of Construction Projects

Without the construction industry, we wouldn’t have malls, houses, office buildings, sidewalks, roads, bridges, drainage systems and everything else necessary for us to survive under infrastructure. The level of planning, execution and completion must be perfect to live up to quality standards which is why projects are so expensive. Take a look at the various construction projects and what each entails.


Residential projects consist of dwellings for people. These could be houses, apartment buildings, condos, townhouses, farmhouses, cottages etc. The plan for the structure is generally designed by architects and engineers who in turn employ other workers to do the job. Aside from merely building a structure, there are the electrical, plumbing and mechanical aspects to be factored in.

Institutional and commercial

Structures like hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, clinics and the like fall under institutional projects while others like hotels, stadiums, restaurants and malls are clubbed under commercial. The scale of work is huge, with a lot of money, planning, execution, manpower and effort put in.


Industrial projects are the most expensive as the structures are massive with plants, factories and industries making up the sector. The structures are for-profit and on a much larger scale than commercial construction projects.

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