Why are computer interviews used in construction employment?

Construction employment can be very difficult at times due to the fact that it is quite common that the employer receives thousands of resumes for just one job that is available. It is highly important to be able to hire the best possible candidate and this means that a screening test is necessary. A computer interview is quite common nowadays as a construction employment screening interview handled by both direct contractors and third party contractors.

The computer interview in construction employment will see the candidate having to answer different questions that are offered in a multiple choice format. This is going to pre-qualify the candidate for the potential job interview or for being requested to send a thorough resume in the future. Some computer interviews are done via phone with push buttons but nowadays it is quickly starting to be more common to have to access a site and complete a construction employment interview with the use of the mouse and keyboard.

In most cases, the computer interview will be timed in order to not offer too much time for the candidate. The internet is filled with information and the possibility to have unlimited time would give the candidate the possibility to cheat and look for answers online.