Women in Construction: Self-Advocacy is a Must

Women need to toot their own hors for better roles on jobsites and in boardrooms.

That’s the takeaway from seasoned women executives in construction. The execs encouraged some 300 younger women in the field to advocate for themselves and their careers. It was part of ENR’s Groundbreaking Women in Construction Conference that was recently held in New York. “Don’t be afraid to be out there,” said Aine Brazil, vice chairman and managing principal of Thornton-Tomasetti. “Know your stuff, take your seat at the table and let it be known that you know what you’re talking about. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to fade into the background no matter what.” The men who attended the event also encouraged participants to be proactive in their careers.


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  1. I’ve Been in the demolition world for over 10 years and been in construction for over 20 years it’s been an uphill battle The entire time as men do not believe that I can handle the job even though I have shown that I can perform. and many of times I’ve shown that I can outdo most of the men on the job as it’s not a competition to me it’s just me doing what I do and trying to do the best at what I do but even as that is said I still have a hard time

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