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The many moving parts and potential pitfalls in construction jobs can quickly result in sizable invoices that don’t get paid. To handle payment disputes arising from a construction job contract, it’s imperative for companies to have safeguards in place before projects get underway. Attorneys familiar with the construction industry should review all contracts…(Read More)

Here’s a lively lunchroom conversation: If older cranes are maintained and pass inspections on a regular basis, should they be put out to pasture simply because they have aged?  A new report, Tower Crane Lift Expectancy: An Examination of Recent Trends to Establish Age Limits, has been released by Haag Engineering in Sugar Land…(Read More)

Cost estimators, mechanical engineers and sheet metal workers are among the top construction jobs for 2015. U.S. News Careers’ annual rankings by industry has examined job openings, salary and career advancement opportunities. For construction jobs, this infographic says science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) related jobs are gaining steam.…(Read More)

It’s no fun chasing final payments and retention accounts. As construction jobs and projects are nearing completion, retention terms and conversations with subcontractors can cause friction. “There are always arguments about whether or not completion has been reached. This will be defined in the contract, but if it isn’t then generally when the…(Read More)

It’s no secret that the construction industry has the highest number of on-the-job injuries and deaths. While there’s plenty of talk about safety and prevention, the reality is that accidents are often followed by lawsuits. A post from Wilson Kehoe Winingham, a personal injury law firm that litigates construction accidents, provides…(Read More)

PM’s working on construction jobs strive to avoid chaos and crises. Accessibility to key documents, designs, contractors and stakeholders help keep jobs running smoothly, and often involve working in the cloud. To help streamline construction job operations, employers must look at accessibility, simplicity and scalability. Several tech companies have customized options for construction companies…(Read More)

Yes, even tall buildings are getting bigger and better. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat has released its 2015 forecast, which gives us a look at several projects that have somehow gotten off track. From Vegas to Moscow, some skyscrapers are expected to be completed this year, while others will be demolished. Here…(Read More)

If one construction job costs billions of dollars, shaving just a few days off the project could save construction companies bigtime money and resources. That’s according to Christian Sanz, CEO of Skycatch, a startup that sells autonomous robots and data analytics tools to the mining, energy, logging and agriculture industries. reports: “Some…(Read More)

Communication is an integral part of disaster preparedness, but do employers understand the role of smartphones when trouble hits construction job sites? Extreme weather, explosions and fires can hamper responses from emergency teams. This leaves workers dependent on their mobile phones. Chris Britton writes on the Occupational Health and Safety website: “To empower employees to…(Read More)